How to Log Into the VMware Server Infrastructure Control Panel

A couple of weekends ago I installed VMware server on my Ubuntu box and created a VM on which I installed Windows Server 2003 so that I have a bit of a play around with it and maybe learn something in the process. Unfortunately I forgot to write down anything about how to access it. Now, having a brain that is incapable of retaining anything unless it has been drilled in over a period of days if not weeks, I came back to my vmware server today and realised that I had completely forgotten how to use it! All I could remember was that I had installed it and there was a Server 2003 install too. After a lot of head scratchihng and a bit of Googling I remembered:

VMware uses web access in order to control VMs and if you open a browser on the same machine from another OS then you can access the panel using the following address:


user: root
password: ****
from there you can tunr on / off VMs and view logs etc.