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ben_roberts_photoMy name is Ben Roberts and I’m a web developer for Skype.

I live in Prague, Czech Republic with my wife Petra and sons Jimmy and Johnny but am originally from Nottingham, UK, went to Nottingham High School, played guitar in bands, was a member of the stage staff and did a lot of sport, especially swimming. After that I worked my way around Australia for six months and came back to the UK to study at Leeds University where I took a combined honours degree in Management Studies and Operational Research. After Uni I played in more bands and after I realised that none of the bands would ever pay me enough money I then worked as a freelance Sound Engineer and Music Producer for the next 14 years . Around 9 years ago, after suffering from tinnitus for a long time, I realised that if I continued in this line of work I would probably go deaf so I decided to do web development instead. Rather than enroll at university I chose to teach myself and blag my way into it. After doing a lot of small sites and web apps for small clients on my own or with the help of a graphic designer I realised that I wanted to be part of a bigger team so that I could just focus on the front end rather than doing almost everything myself. I now work as a front end engineer for Skype (and from now on Microsoft too).

If you would like to see my CV and web development portfolio then you can visit Xoundesign.com

If you’re interested in who I am then you can visit my personal website Xoundboy.com and find out much more stuff plus you can listen to the music I made during my year career as a music producer.

If you’re wondering why ‘Xoundboy’?…..well, Soundboy wasn’t available.

xoundboy -at- gmail -dot- com

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