How to install a JoomFish translation for JEvents

Assuming that you already have both the JoomFish and JEvents components installed, do the following to ensure that JEvents displays all elements such as buttons and labels with their correct translations when using JoomFish to control the frontend language of your site.

  1. Download the JEvents JoomFish Content Element XML file here
  2. Log into Joomla as administrator
  3. From the main menu choose Components > JoomFish > Content Elements
  4. In the toolbar on the right. click the Install button
  5. Upload the jevents_vevdetail.xml file that you just downloaded in step 1
  6. Download the JEvents translation file for the language of your choice (you’ll have to Google that one). The Czech version is here.
  7. From the main menu choose Extensions > Install/Uninstall
  8. Upload the translation file that you just downloaded
  9. Your events calendar should now show translated buttons and labels when you switch into the language that you just added.

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