How to configure CFMX7 MySQL 4/5 connector J

I just wasted literally hours of precious time trying to set up the developer edition of CF MX7 to connect to my MySQL 5.1 server by following the (incorrect) instructions that appear all over the internet, including the Adobe support site.

These are the correct steps:

  1. Download the MySQL connector J verison 3 here
  2. Extract the connector file mysql-connector-java-3.1.10-bin.jar into the <cfroot>/runtime/lib folder NOT the <cfroot>/WEB-INF/runtime/lib folder as described in many other places on the internet.
  3. Restart the CFMX7 server
  4. In the CF administrator create a new datasource of type ‘other’
  5. Enter
    jdbc:mysql://[mysql erver]:[port]/[database]

    into the JDBC URL field

  6. Enter

    into the Driver Class field

  7. Enter MySQL user name and password
  8. Submit the new datasource

That should do the trick.

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