MSAccess databases on Coldfusion Hosting

Until now I’ve ignored the 10000 MSAccess databases that my Hosting provider “Exabytes” allows me to use because they also gave me 10 MySQL ones to play with. Those have all been used now by the various sites that I have running and now I want to build another database driven site but don’t want to have to pay $25 for an additional MySQL database….

…the solution, of course use one of the MSaccess ones.

This is how I did it…

  1. Create a database in Access in .mdb format (.accdb format is not supported by coldfusion yet) and name it like so.. [datasource_name].mdb
  2. upload it into the database folder on the host
  3. in the HELM web hosting control panel, set up a new database (MSAccess format of course)
  4. name the datasource [datasource_name] (the same as the access file without the .mdb extension)
  5. go back to the panel and set up a new Coldfusion datasource and name it [datasource_name]
  6. set the username to [datasource_name]
  7. leave the password blank
  8. … and that’s it. You can now connect to the databse the same as you would with a MySQL one. I’m not sure whether you can use the same rich set of SQL functions that you can with MySQL though.

    Now I just have to work out how to edit the contents directly on the server without building a whole web app to do it.

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