MSAccess databases on Coldfusion Hosting

Until now I’ve ignored the 10000 MSAccess databases that my Hosting provider “Exabytes” allows me to use because they also gave me 10 MySQL ones to play with. Those have all been used now by the various sites that I have running and now I want to build another database driven site but don’t want to have to pay $25 for an additional MySQL database….

…the solution, of course use one of the MSaccess ones.

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Unzip Joomla! installation files right on your remote ColdFusion server

Having played around a little bit with the Joomla! online demo I got quite interested in it, thinking that I could save myself a lot of time with it. After all, building a content-management system from scratch can take a long time even when the site is quite simple.

Joomla! appears to be a very well thought out open-source solution and I have a couple of clients at the moment who will be benefitting from it I reckon.

I unpacked the zip on my local machine and it extracted over 1700 separate files! Needless to say, uploading those files via FTP took hours, event though the size of the original joomla zip file that I downloaded was less than 3MB. I left it overnight and came back to find that this morning it had finished but with several errors. Not wanting to go through the whole process again I decided to upload the original zip file to my coldfusion server and unpack it there.

If you have ColdFusion hosting that also supports PHP and MySQL and would like to use Joomla then maybe you could benefit from my experience.

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